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​Gilles and Velour.

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Velour died, Today.
March 11, 2017.

"Bogie" and "The Tramp" at Gallery 203. --203 Notre Dame O. Old Montreal, Qc.

Saturday, March 11, 2017.

       Velour died today, he was 18 years old.
From the first day, Velour has been special , a persian of doubtful provenance, 10 months old, abandoned by a previous owner. Always demanding attention, He did not like other animals, he was a people lover, a delinquent, a jumper, he was everywere all the time, he seemed never to sleep. At first he refused to eat, and I had to hand feed him dry food by hand, patiently and sometimes against his will, he got used to it and he came to me, everyday, (many times a day) for feedings and I indulged him all those years, he would reach over my wrist and pull it toward him if he thought I was distracted in my duties as if to say, im over here, keep em coming buddy. If i opened a cupboard or wardrobe door Velour was in it instantly, in the back, in the boots, on the shelves and hard to catch, he was always very thin and a phenomenal jumper, he never broke anything but he could perch anywere, many times at night if I woke and open my eyes he'd be there inches from my face pushing a silent meow to aknowledge me and braking into a sustained purring session. About a year ago he Suddently  looked older, he walked slower and sometimes missed his jumps although he remained very active, last sunday he came for breakfast and seemed unsteady on his legs he retired to the bathroom, installed himself in a corner and stayed there, looking defeated. He stood to greet me when I came back from work and checked on him. I placed all he could possibly need close by and took him in my arms often, he surendered to my cuddles and rested his little head on my shoulder,  occasionaly looking at me with loving eyes, he never got better , at the vet they told me  they could put him on an IV because he was severely dehydrated ( even though he drank a lot) but he would only seem better for a few days, he'd lost half his weight in a week, he was old and on his last days, he would suffer complete dehydration and his body would shut down. I had him euthanized, he died in my arms, I think he was still purring even after he was dead. He had a long and happy life, the house seems empty , I have lost a  Friend. I will do a painting of my Velour soon.

A little milk splashed on the nose