Art by "GILLES 126"

Acrylics and Drawings


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​Gilles and Velour.

Unusual Portraits of Actors, Musicians and others, done in"Acrylic on Canvas"
Custom work  and signed Prints, Available.

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Framed Prints, Cups, ect. 


Velour died, Today.
March 11, 2017.

"Bogie" and "The Tramp" at Gallery 203. --203 Notre Dame O. Old Montreal, Qc.

Custom Portraits

All these are SOLD and are presented here for your critical appraisal only.
The first two are of a colleague. 

​36" x 36"

This is Painted with a Kitchen Knife, i'd lost my Palette Knives in Moving to St-Zotique.
30" x 30" Acrylic on Canvas.

Another colleague,  in an  introspective posture. 18" x 24"
The essence of character showing through.  18" x 24"

 "The Gentle Giant"  18" x 24"